Time flies when you are having fun!

Last week, I was looking back over the archives and noticed that Realise Your Dream has just had its fourth anniversary. The first post was published in 9 October 2014. This is what it looked like, and what we had to say:

So, have we achieved what we set out to do?

I would like to think so.

Over the course of the past four years, we have published 216 posts, amounting to well over 100,000 words. Along the way we have had a number of guests contribute to our blog – including our great mate and colleague, David Spiteri, past colleague, Wayne Cleland, and even one of our clients, Adam Carey, whose article, ‘I wish my husband never retired’ struck a real chord with many readers.

We have been supported in the background by Centrepoint’s marketing team, who has persevered by editing our articles and correcting numerous spelling and grammatical errors. Mark and I would like to think that as the years have passed, our writing skills have improved.

In the beginning, when we set off on this journey that has become ‘Realise Your Dream,’ we had no idea of how long it would last or what path it would take us on. Would we even be able to think of enough things to write about?

But, as weeks have come and gone, we always seem to find something to write about. Of course, we have to thank our politicians for providing so much subject matter to work with. Just imagine how boring it would be if they weren’t changing tax, superannuation, pension and age care rules on what seems like an almost weekly basis.

What does the future hold?

Mark and I intend to continue to put pen to paper each week and turn out thoughts and ideas that are hopefully of some use or benefit to our readers.

And I am quite sure we will mount our soap box from time to time and just have a good old-fashioned rant about something.

To all of our readers out there, thank you for your loyalty and support. Without your encouragement and feedback, it wouldn’t be half the fun.


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