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Real Estate Investment – not that simple?

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  When they retire, a large number of Australians have a diversified portfolio of investments, including cash, shares and superannuation and in a substantial number of cases, an investment property. During a person’s working life the investment property can provide a number of benefits including possible increases in the property’s value, a ...

Rent Assistance – Am I eligible?

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What is Rent Assistance? According to the Guide to Social Security Law: “Rent Assistance is a supplementary payment added on to the pension, allowance or benefit of income support recipients and low-income families in the private rental market, in recognition of the housing costs they face.” Put simply, it is an additional payment ...

Do happier people live longer?

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I am no doctor, psychologist or research scientist so the following blog is written not from a scientific point of view but from my own experience, observations and readings over a long period of time. I have always enjoyed physical activity, whether it be running, biking, surfing or paddling. I have ...

OMG: where did the year go?

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Here we are again – December has arrived and Christmas is less than three weeks away. Despite my best intentions; I will need to complete all my Christmas shopping in the worst two shopping weeks of the year. It will be chaotic and crowded. And because I reside on the Gold ...

Are you prepared?

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In 1990 my dad passed away two weeks before his 62nd birthday – I was 34. I was not close to my dad and I had not lived at home for over 16 years. However; I do remember that I was shocked and upset (which is to be expected). The ...

Why it pays to trust the expert

By Wednesday, November 2, 2016 0 No tags Permalink 5

PK and I have just spent the last three weeks on the road, travelling from Perth (in the west) and across to Townsville (in the north); visiting all the capital cities in between and talking to a large number of Advisers and Accountants along the way. Our discussions focused on the ...

Can you lose your adaptability?

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The simple definition of ‘adaptable’; the ability to adjust oneself readily to different conditions and circumstances. My observation in others, as well as myself, is that as we grow older our ability to cope with change becomes more difficult and paralyzing. My understanding of new technology is very limited. I still buy ...

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